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6 Sweet and Savoury Snacks for Canada Day

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6 Sweet and Savoury Snacks for Canada Day

Canada Day is the national day of Canada and marks the anniversary of the enactment of the country’s constitution and its birth: 1 July 1867. It’s a national holiday of parades, musical events and relentless eating, drinking and partying, and there are particular Canada Day foods that Canadians like to indulge in in large quantities throughout this special day.

Here is a selection of Canada Day, dessert–heavy snack foods that keep the hardest partying Canucks going until dawn on 2 July – unfortunately not a public holiday – and everyone else too.

Canada Day Foods

1. Butter tarts

These are simple pastry tarts, with a runny butter, egg and sugar filling. Toppings such as dried fruits and nuts can also be added.

2. Maple bacon doughnut

The maple is irrevocably entwined with Canadian culture of course, and Canadians sure love their doughnuts. And bacon, is well, bacon and should be in everything.

3. BeaverTails

Not the real thing, rather a pastry that is hand-stretched to resemble one and topped with any number of sweet treats, including marshmallows, chopped nuts, chocolate spread and confectionary.

4. Nanaimo Bars

As you’ve guessed by now, Canada Day desserts are a big deal. Nanaimo bars do not require cooking and consist of a wafer crumb base, custard–flavoured icing and a layer of solid chocolate.

5. Poutine

The quintessential Canadian snack of fries, cheese curds and gravy is also seen as the unofficial national food of Quebec. ‘Moreish’ doesn’t come close to covering it.

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6. Kraft Dinner

Yes, the dried macaroni and cheese mix is a huge thing in Canada and is one of the comfort foods Canadians crave the most when away from home by all accounts.

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