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Can You Freeze Coconut Milk?

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Can You Freeze Coconut Milk?

Can you freeze coconut milk? Surely, every fan of homemade Thai curries has come across this question. Sometimes recipes don't use up an entire can of coconut milk. So what should you do with the leftover milk?

Of course, you could add leftover coconut milk to other recipes but if you are looking for a long term solution then freezing is your answer. Yes, you can freeze coconut milk but there are a few things you should keep in mind:

Coconut Milk Will Separate When Frozen

Just as it does while it's in the can coconut milk will separate when frozen. The cream will rise to the top leaving the clear coconut water at the bottom. That's why it is essential to stir coconut milk once thawed.

The Texture of Coconut Milk Will Change

Once thawed the flavor of coconut milk will be similar to what it was before freezing. However, the texture may become a little grainy. We recommend using frozen coconut milk in dishes where texture isn't a big issue, such as smoothies or baked goods. If nothing but a curry will do then follow this tip from Cook's Illustrated.

Thawing Coconut Milk Takes Time

Since coconut milk is composed of cream and water it will will a bit longer to thaw than say frozen coconut water. This shouldn't deter you from freezing it. Simply take it out of the freezer with ample time or zap it in the microwave for a few seconds.

Portion Control the Coconut Milk Before Freezing

It is ideal to pre portion the coconut milk, whether in an ice cube tray, small plastic freezer bag or small plastic containers before freezing. This way you can use just a little bit or all of it, depending on the recipe at hand. Coconut milk will keep well for a month in the freezer.

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