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Can You Freeze Avocados?

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Can You Freeze Avocados?

Can You Freeze Avocados?

Ripe avocados are gone in 15 seconds flat around here. We devour them on toast, smoothies and guacamole so it’s not often there are any leftovers. But perhaps you’ve bought one too many avocados that were on sale and are wondering how to extend their shelf life. So can you really freeze avocados? Absolutely!

How to Freeze Avocados

For optimum flavor you’ll want to freeze ripe avocados only. The texture will change so don't plan on enjoying a thawed avocado salad. However, freezing works well if you intend to use avocados for guacamole or toast.

Prepping them is really simple: just mash the avocados and mix with a little bit of lemon juice. Transfer the mix to plastic freezer bags and squeeze out as much air as you can before closing. Flatten and freeze. When you want to use them just thaw under running water. Courtenay from Creek Line House has a great tutorial here.

Another good technique is to cut the avocados in half, scoop them onto a sheet pan and freeze them. This is optimal if using avocados in smoothies. YouTuber Jodi Brown explains it all:

Here's a great recipe that would be great with fresh or frozen avocado: cheese quesadilla with avocado and tomato.

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