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Is It Better to Cook Steak Frozen?

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Is It Better to Cook Steak Frozen?

Everyone has their own ‘perfect’ way of cooking a steak, and of course theirs is the best. We’ve highlighted enough methods ourselves over the years on how to cook a perfect steak.

The latest is this nice bit of meaty research from America’s Test Kitchen who have tested the idea of cooking steak from frozen, and the results might surprise some.

Can You Cook Steak Frozen? 

After cooking numerous frozen steaks alongside thawed steaks, the team all seem to agree that frozen offers up a juicier and better cooked piece of meat.

The idea goes against conventional wisdom which suggest cooking meat after it’s thawed, however, for those who like a nice juicy bite, perhaps this is the best method. It does take a little longer to cook but if you go by these results, it’s worth it.

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