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Watch Cacao Farmers Taste Chocolate for The First Time

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Watch Cacao Farmers Taste Chocolate for The First Time

You may be surprised to learn that, although the Ivory Coast produces 1.6 million tonnes of cacao beans every year, the act of buying a simple bar of chocolate is seen a real luxury. A luxury that, ironically, is not afforded by the local farmers who dedicate their entire lives to growing and processing cacao beans.

This startling fact is what led journalist Selay Marius Kouassi to travel to the Ivory Coast armed with bars of chocolate to allow farmers, who have who have spent over 20 years processing cocoa, to sit and taste chocolate for the first time.

We all love a nice chunk of chocolate and the farmers of the Ivory Coast are no different, initially shocked by the sweetness only to eventually show off big grins, obviously enjoying their first bite.

The cultural clash is obvious; farmers talk about how chocolate must be what ‘makes the white man so healthy’, how the finished bar of chocolate could never have been made using the raw beans they collect on a daily basis, that most of the workers thought cacao was used to produce wine.

The video highlights the high amount of processing cacao bean undergo before resembling the chocolate we all know and love, it also focuses on the huge disconnect between farmers and the products they help to make on a daily basis. 

Enjoy the eye opening video below.

Via Huffington Post 

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