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Video: Turn Old Butter Knives into New Steak Knives

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Video: Turn Old Butter Knives into New Steak Knives

There’s a wonderful feeling when the server in a restaurants brings you your steak knife, your own specific tool for the job, the final signal that your piece of juicy meat is just about to arrive. It’s a great feeling that excites me every time.

Steak knives simply make the job of cutting your meat that much easier, taking away any problems as you glide through the steak and easing all pressures as you’re left to enjoy the meal.

They look great, feel great and do a job that’s important at the table, but not so many people have a set of steak knives at home, either because they don’t think they need them or because they can be expensive to but a good quality set.

Step in the wonderful and imaginative team at ChefSteps with this video showing us all how to take regular butter knives and turn them into shiny, sharp steak knives.

The tutorial does requite that you have a sharpening stone or a grinder, but after that everything else needed are common items with elbow grease being the most used substance when taking on this task.

The video below walks you through the process of taking some antique butter knives and reincarnating them as perfectly polished steak knives. It’s a really useful tutorial and one we’ve never considered before.

Take a look at the video below to see exactly how it’s done and make sure you also take a closer look at the ChefSteps knife sharpening classe to make sure you know exactly how you should be handling your knives. 

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