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Around The World in 10 Burgers

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Around The World in 10 Burgers

Are you a burger lover? If so, there's no question you are always on a search for the ultimate way to satisfy your burger craving. You may want to grab your passport and hit the road to discover the amazing burger creations being served around the world.

Here's a look at 10 delicious burgers you'll have to add to your culinary bucket list:

The Big Manc

Burger Anarchy

An obvious homage to the original Big Mac, this double decker is served at Solita in Manchester, UK. It features two charred 6 oz. beef patties with a gorgeous pink center layered between shredded iceberg lettuce and homemade pickles- all served on a sesame seed brioche bun brushed with smoked butter. The finishing touch is the luxuriously thick Big Manc sauce.

The Mos Rice Burger

Here's a burger that puts a brand new spin on veggie burgers. The bread is swapped for two baked rice "plates" that hold a teriyaki-flavored blend of sautéed burdock, carrots, tofu, green soybeans, mushrooms, red peppers, kelp and konnyaku (a jelly-like Japanese health food) known as kinpira. This is placed on a bed of nori seaweed. You'll find this specialty at Mos Burger in Tokyo.

10 Awesome Burgers Around the World

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