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Here's the Ultimate Burger Recipe

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Here's the Ultimate Burger Recipe

The ultimate burger. Three words that promise perfection, three words used by many an establishment, three words that often lead to disappointment.

That’s because the ultimate burger takes an awful lot of long time to master, around five days if this guide from our friends at ChefSteps is anything to go by.

They’ve turned their attention towards making a perfect burger with a full course including eight different videos on exactly how to produce an Au Jus Burger (a burger with its own wonderfully tasty juices.)

This really is a monster project with the prep for the brioche burger bun made five days in advance to create the perfect texture.

Once the foundation of brioche is out of the way there’s guides on making a perfect demi-glaze, homemade melted cheese slices - a world away from those shop bought plastic offerings - caramelised onions and a Japanese mayonnaise.

This is comes way before the beef patties which, as you can see from the video below, are cooked in water baths.

The course is free to sign up and is sure to have you approaching your next burger in a completely different way.

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