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Buddha Bowls: How to Make Your Own

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Buddha Bowls: How to Make Your Own
Photo The Wanderlust Kitchen

Bowl foods are on a roll. Spinning on from the smoothie bowl, the açai bowl and the Hawaiian poke bowl, we are now in the grips of the next chapter of bowl mania, the Buddha Bowl.


Buddha bowls ... What are they?

Buddha bowls, nourish bowls, rainbow bowls, hippie bows, macro bowls, yoga bowls, call them what you will, but they all point to the same idea, an entirely vegetarian medley served, in yes, bowls.

Each hearty bowl comes generously packed with a variety of plant-based foods, cooked or raw, boasting desirable nutritional credentials and countless photo opportunities, making them instantly Instagram-licious.

According to The Guardian, we can take solace that this is more than a superficial food fad, and one rooted in "authenticity," – "these bowls are loosely based on the practice of ōryōki – meditative eating – and the bowls are modelled on Buddha’s head."

For Buddha Bowl inspiration swing by #buddhabowl on Instagram.


6 Buddha Bowl Recipes

Here are some of our favourite recipes below to start you on your path to buddha bowl enlightenment. Whether you're going for colour, crunch or simply a change from your normal lunchtime sandwich. 

1. Superfood Buddha Bowl with Mint Pesto

This colourful bowl is chocka with feel good foods including: quinoa, broad beans radishes, avocado, cucumber, spring onion. Perfect for a new year boost.

Get the recipe here.



2. Abundance Bowl

Brown rice mixed in with green lentils alongside a generous dose of broccoli, sweet potato and red cabbage juice with a garlic, ginger and pumpkin seed dressing makes this a simple hearty bowl with the feel good factor.

Get the recipe here.

Via MyNewRoots


3. Vegan Sushi-Style Buddha Bowl

Try this Japanese inspired Buddha bowl if you love your sushi. Follow the video below, or find the recipe at yummymummykitchen.


4. Vegan Cuban Bowl

Plantain, black beans, brown rice, sweet red potato and plenty of lime, cilantro and jalapeno culminate in a taste of Cuba in this tasty bowl.

Find the recipe here.

Via The Wanderlust Kitchen


5. Green Buddha Bowl

This veg packed bowl is full of texture and vibrant colour. Find the recipe here.

Via Kissmybowl


6. Sweet Potato and Chickpea Buddha Bowl

This sweet and satisfying dish is ready in under half an hour. Find the recipe here.

Via Minimalistbaker

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