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Brussel Spouts That Taste Great

By FDL on

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Brussel Spouts That Taste Great

It's that time of the year again when parents across the world sneak brussel sprouts on to their children's plates. It's also the same time of year when children around the world take those spouts and feed them to the dog or hide them in their pockets.

Spouts are just one of those hated vegetables but we think they get a bit of a raw deal at FDL HQ.

Cooked right and presented with the complimentary ingredients sprouts can rival any of the green vegetables out there.

This is certainly what Erica thinks over at the Cooking for Seven blog, she has created a wonderfully simple recipe for oven roasted sprouts - it sounds simple but done right and you'll never think about a sprout in the same light again.

We hope you enjoy this Best of The Blogs.

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