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Brushstroke Cakes Are What Sweet Dreams Are Made of

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Brushstroke Cakes Are What Sweet Dreams Are Made of

It seems like every day there is a different cake trend on Instagram. We have seen everything from mirror cakes and drip cakes to naked cakes and raindrop cakes, and now...behold the gorgeous brushstroke cakes!

What is a Brushstroke Cake?

Brushstroke cakes are beautiful cakes decorated to look like they are covered in colorful brush strokes. The ''strokes'' are made from melted chocolate that hardens in a brush stroke shape. 

The brush strokes may be made in different colors, sizes, and can be jazzed up with extras like edible gold paint.


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How To Make A Brushstroke Cake

There is a special technique involved in shaping the melted chocolate into a brush stroke shape. It is all detailed in this short video from The Kate Tin. It looks like quite a lot of fun to try this technique at home:

Brushstroke Cakes of Instagram

Instagram is full of stunning brushstroke cakes ideal for weddings, birthdays and other special occasions. Here are some ideas to inspire the baker in you:


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