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Behold The Broccolatte, A Super Latte Made With Broccoli

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Behold The Broccolatte, A Super Latte Made With Broccoli
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Even if you haven't tried them you've certainly heard of the matcha latte, pumpkin latte, avolatte and even golden milk made with turmeric. Now, there's a trendy super latte with a flavor combination that is so odd it has even surprised us: the broccolatte.

What exactly is a broccolatte?

A broccolatte is a blend of broccoli powder with espresso and frothed milk. It came about thanks to Australian researchers from CSIRO (the government's leading research agency) and HORT Innovation who developed a special type of broccoli powder which preserves the nutrients and taste of this ultra-healthy cruciferous vegetable.

Broccolattte: Or How Drink One of Your Five Vegetables A Day

"Our research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day. And we know it can be hard to get those five serves of veg everyday while also trying to drink enough water, getting in your 30 minutes of daily exercise and doing all of the other things you have to do. So, we’re trying to make it easier to squeeze in a couple of extra veggies," researchers said.

This was a successful bet for the Australians researchers who explained that this powder can be easily added in a latte to create a broccolatte to drink in the morning for breakfast or during his coffee break. IT can also be added to smoothies, yogurt and kiddie drinks like chocolate milk. A convenient way to consume your dose of five vegetables a day...wouldn't you say?

The organic broccoli powder is being sold through Kirkconnell Farms, who advertise themselves as the "only growers in the world dehydrating [their] own broccoli in-house."

How To Make A Broccolatte

At this point the broccolatte might be hard to find at your local coffee shop. If you have an espresso maker at home simply add a teaspoon or two of the broccoli powder before frothing. Then pour over an espresso, just as you would when making cappuccino.

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