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4 Quintessentially British Soups

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4 Quintessentially British Soups

In a country that experiences everything from dark short winters to blustery long damp days, it's only natural that generous bowls of hearty soups have found a home in the hearts of the UK nation.

Infact, most traditional British soups seem to have been designed with the inclement weather in mind and respond perfectly by lifting the spirits with their robust flavours and exciting textures.

Wherever you dine, from London to the Scottish islands, there's usually a bowl of satisfying soup available to soothe the soul and awaken the taste buds, from rich oxtail soup to creamy smoked haddock, cullen skink.

Here are four quintessentially British soups that'll perk you up and make you feel good, wherever you are and whatever the weather.

British Soups

1. Mulligatawny (top image)

This mildly spicy chicken soup was introduced to British households by southern Indian cooks during the days of the Raj. 

Find the perfect gently spiced mulligatawny recipe here, from GeniusKitchen.

2. Cullen Skink

Image: nicknairncookschool

This hearty and comforting smoked haddock and potato soup originally hails from a small fishing village in West Scotland. The flavoursome flaked fish set against the creaminess of the milk background make this one really unique.

Find the recipe for Cullen Skink from Ubiquitous Chip, one of Glasgow's favourite restaurants.

3. Cock a Leekie Soup

Another homely Scottish soup, cock a leekie, is at it says - chicken and leek - with the added sweetness of sliced prunes if desired.

Find the Great British Chefs cock a leekie soup recipe here. Perfect for a Burns Night starter.

4. Oxtail Soup

This healthy and heart warming bowl of goodness is one of the timeless classics. In fact, there's a reason the flavoursome recipe is still popular a few hundred years after it was reportedly first bought to London by French and Flemish. If you know how to cook oxtail soup, it's a perfect way to spend a rainy day, as it takes a few hours simmering to develop those characteristic big beefy flavours. What's more it's an inexpensive soup to make - oxtail soup ingredients are as simple as the basics like the aromatics, onion, celery carrot, oxtail, beefstock, red wine and tomato pureeTry making your own with this oxtail soup recipe


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