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8 British Desserts Worth Saving Room for

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8 British Desserts Worth Saving Room for
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Steamed, spongey, suety, sticky and so good. Yes, we're talking British desserts.

The heartwarming desserts that have kept generations of families together around the dining table on a Sunday, cheered up hungry school kids, mended fences, won new friends and comforted the old. They are the stalwart of family life and hold a nostalgic place in the hearts of most family homes up and down the British Isles.

Most Brits will admit to at least one guilty pleasure when it comes to pudding. Whether it's an unctuous treacle tart with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream or a gooey sticky toffee pudding drizzled with a salty-sweet caramel sauce.

While many of the suet favourites have been given a "gastropub" makeover, British desserts are hitting the high notes on most people's favourite's list, whether it's a safeguarded family recipe at home or an elegant dessert upgrade down the local pub.

Take a look and see which ones you'll be making space for next time you ask to see the dessert menu.

British Desserts

Treacle Tart

This crispy, pastry-lined tart is filled with a mixture of golden syrup and breadcrumbs with lemon to cut through the sweetness, has stood the test of time. Try this tempting treacle tart recipe from Prue Leith topped off with some clotted cream or double cream.


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Figgy Pudding

"We all want some figgy pudding" is on the song list of most local choirs in the lead up to Christmas day. Steamed figgy pudding is the perfect Christmas time treat (otherwise known as Christmas pudding) and an annual spectacle set aflame at the table with brandy and a holly leaf on top.  Try this traditional recipe for a Christmas pudding



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Spotted Dick

This traditional steamed pudding usually doesn't live much further than in school canteens. Suet, flour and dried fruit combination mean it's not the lightest choice on the menu, however, it will keep you warm on a cold winter's day. Try this classic spotted dick recipe, served with a dollop of custard, naturally.


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Eton Mess

When the mercury starts to rise in the thermometer, it doesn't mean saying goodbye to traditional British desserts altogether. Eton mess is the summertime dessert favourite of gooey meringue, sweet strawberries and rich cream in a generous sticky mess. The perfect forgiving dessert for the imperfect cook! Try this recipe from Great British Chefs.



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Bread and Butter Pudding

Not one for the faint-hearted! Bread and butter pudding is nursery food at its finest. Lashings of stale bread, milk, raisins, sugar and cream make it a great way of using up kitchen staples. To enjoy it at its finest allow it time to rest before tucking in. Here's a recipe for a rich bread and butter pudding from Delia Smith.


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Sherry-soaked sponge trifle is another Christmas favourite, but can also be happily wheeled out on the dessert trolley year round. You can choose between the retro look or go more modern with a de-constructed style that still captures all those flavours. Discover all you ever needed to know about trifle here.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

A good sticky toffee pudding will please the whole table. Hot suety comforting sponge with a hint of spice and a rich toffee custard drizzled over the top, make each spoonful a crowd pleaser and the perfect end to a Sunday roast. Find our perfect sticky toffee pudding here.

Apple Crumble

This beloved dessert can be found on family tables up and down the country. Everyone has their own twist and a favourite recipe, whether their grandmother's or pub favourite. Try this apple crumble recipe with a chef twist.

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