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Bring Wild Greek Herbs To Your Table

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Bring Wild Greek Herbs To Your Table

Do you love cooking with aromatic herbs? Will nothing but the finest do? You'll be happy to discover Daphnis and Chloe, a startup company that aims to bring wild Greek herbs to city folks around the world. 

The company is offering four classic Mediterranean herbs grown on islands and mountains across Greece. So far, their stock includes oregano from Mount Taygetus; sage from Faskomilia, a small village in the Epirus region; thyme flowes from the Ionian coast; and bay leaves from a small farm in Cephalonia. All of the herbs are hand-harvested and packaged in recycable bags.

Daphnis and Chloe is the brainchild of Evangelia Koutsovoulou, a writer who grew up in a small town in Greece. It wasn't until she packed her bags and moved abroad to a big city that she realized the herbs didn't taste the same. Now, she wants others to experience the aromatic properties of herbs from her motherland.

What sets Greek herbs apart from any others? The warm climate in Greece creates conditions that helps the herbs thrive. For instance, Greek oregano has been scientifically proven to have a higher concentration of essential oils than oregano found at the supermarkes.

You'll be able to purchase the herbs once they are on the market. The company launched its Kickstarter campaign today and needs to raise a £10,000 by May 7th to cover production costs for its first year of operations. Watch this lovely video below, perhaps the Olympian Gods will persuade you to pledge.

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