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Watch: Breakfast Around the World

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Watch: Breakfast Around the World

This informative video from The Washington Post looks at typical breakfasts around the world and one country in particular doesn't get off to the greatest start each morning.

The video compares the calories, fat, sugar, carbohydrate and protein content of different breakfasts around the world, and perhaps unsurprisingly, a typical US breakfast of cereal, waffles, maple syrup and orange juice, hits all the wrong notes.

We’re not too keen on the Netherlands example of buttered bread with chocolate sprinkles either, but the Ethiopian breakfast of fava beans, eggs, tomatoes, onions and jalapeños looks amazing!

Oh and one more thing – the sausages in the British breakfast ... 88 calories? Yeah right! They must be ultra low fat sausages and if that’s the case, they aren’t really proper bangers are they?

Be warned, you may find yourself inadvertently dipping your toast into your morning coffee after this, as per the Cuban example.

Watch the fun video featuring common breakfast foods below.

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