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Will the Nuage Kill the Cronut?

By FDL on

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Will the Nuage Kill the Cronut?

Are we looking at the next cronut? Called Nuage cakes these little beauties are from France and are created by first taking whipped cream and covering it with meringue. The Nuage, aka Cloud Cake, is then dipped into cream again before it's sprinkled with a number of ingredients including chocolate, coffee, peanut butter, pistachio - the sky really is the limit.

These pictures come from Bo Nuage, a new shop in Los Angeles that recently opened to spread the Nuage love.

This has all the makings of the next sweet craze. Beautiful looking treats, well designed shop, logo and branding and a name that's catchy, yet just sneery enough to have hipsters all over the world proclaiming to have been privy to a 'devine bo nuage' tasting last night.

All we have to do now is try one and learn exactly how to say Bo Nuage.





Via Food Beast

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