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Blueberry Recipes: Ice Cream, Jam and More

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Blueberry Recipes: Ice Cream, Jam and More
Photo Chuck Grimmett/Flickr

Don't know what to make with all the blueberries you picked up at the farmer's market? We've got a few recipes that will help you turn sweet blueberries into a decadent treats. We hope you bought enough berries!

Everyone knows blueberries are great for making jam so we've got two recipes for you. The first is a pectin-free easy blueberry jam that is laced with cardamom and honey. The second is a cherry-blueberry jam that is naturally thickened with an apple.

For a truly refreshing treat, this recipe for blueberry ice cream is a must-have in your repertoir. The ice cream is made with yogurt, coconut liquor and a touch of lemon for tartness. It's a great recipe for entertaining, especially on hot summer days.

Finally, we couldn't leave out the classic blueberry muffins. This particular recipe comes to us from Bree Van De Kamp from the hit television series Desperate Housewives.

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