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Did You Know The Bloody Mary Turns 80?

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Did You Know The Bloody Mary Turns 80?

Even after 80 years, the Bloody Mary's origins are still a bit murky with several bars claiming to be its birthplace. So who created the dazzling combo of tomato juice, vodka and spices? 

Legend has it the Bloody Mary was invented at Harry's New York Bar in Paris where American expats enjoyed a tomato juice cocktail spiked with Russian vodka. The drink grew in popularity after it crossed the Atlantic and was recreated at St. Régis Hotel in New York under the name Red Snapper, according to Esquire.

Although bartenders around the world have put their own spin on  the Bloody Mary -adding extras like pickled green beans and Sriracha -  there's still nothing like the classic recipe. You can enjoy it for brunch, with appetizers, a hangover cure or anytime you'd like to savor a cocktail with some zing.

Here's a fun recipe from GQ made with pickle juice so you can celebrate the Bloody Mary's 80th anniversary in style:

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