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12 Foods for Black Friday: Discover the Dark Side of Instagram

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12 Foods for Black Friday: Discover the Dark Side of Instagram

Black is an evocative color, recalling darkness, night, mystery and symbolism. But we're not here to dwell on black's darker side ... simply to celebrate that black friday feeling!

Here's a gallery of beautiful black foods we discovered trending on Instagram recently.

The natural black color is usually given to foods using vegetable charcoal, cuttlefish ink and black sesame.

Bread with Plant Carbon at Utopie Boulangerie


A post shared by Boulangerie Utopie (@boulangerieutopie) on

Black bagel with ricotta cream and lettuce at Plantmade 


A post shared by PLANTMADE (@plantmadesp) on

Black Milk at Roundk Coffee company in New York


A post shared by Roundk Coffee Company (@roundkny) on

Black Soft Serve 


A post shared by BENEVA BLACK🇨🇭 (@benevablack) on

Hot Chocolate with Black Marshmallows


A post shared by @kaedehagio on

Black Iced Donuts 


A post shared by 💜 Gothic and Beautiful 💜 (@gothicandbeautiful) on

All Black Fries


A post shared by らば (@5296raba) on

Black Cat Biscuits for Halloween

Acai Bowl for Breakfast with Blackberries and coconut shavings


A post shared by Teodora Stefan (@mariateodorastefan) on

Black Macaroons


A post shared by ▪B L A C K P A S S I O N▪ (@blckpssn) on

Squid Ink Pasta with sun dried tomatoes and almonds


A post shared by Kyle Mutter (@k_mutter) on

Black Birthday Cake


A post shared by ТОРТЫ, РЕЦЕПТЫ, МАСТЕР-КЛАССЫ (@mamin_tort) on

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