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Black Diamond Watermelon: The Quintessential Summer Fruit

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Black Diamond Watermelon: The Quintessential Summer Fruit

Black Diamond Watermelon, sometimes known as the king of the garden, is the ideal go to summer fruit. Robust, sweet, refreshing and giant sized, it's the perfect party fruit for refreshing a crowd on a warm day.

Popular with amateur gardeners and farmers for it's prolific growth, impressive size and staying power, it's also one of the truly great watermelon varieties that not only delivers on yield, but also on flavour.

Easily distinguishable for its oblong shape and deep green rind, the flavourful flesh is bright red, crisp and flavourful. And as with all watermelons it contains over 90% water making it ideal for blending into smoothies or granita or adding refreshing crunch to salads in our selection of summer melon recipes.

The thick rind needn't go to waste either and can easily be made into delicious pickle. Try this spicy, savory and sweet recipe from Food52.

The Mighty Black Diamond Melon

Black diamond melons average at 50 pounds, but can easily weigh in at 75 pounds. Infact an 80 pound black diamond watermelon holds the current title at the historic Watermelon Thump festival.

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