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8 Best Vegan Desserts For Every Craving

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8 Best Vegan Desserts For Every Craving

What are the best vegan desserts for entertaining? That would depend on what you are in the mood for but we've got just the thing to satisfy any sweet tooth - whether you are craving chocolate, something fruity, creamy, refreshing or all of the above.

With the availability of vegan staples like flax seeds, chia seeds, almond milk and coconut oil, it is easier than ever to whip up impressive, tasty and decadent vegan desserts.

These easy vegan desserts are free of eggs, dairy and other animal products. So keep them in mind next time you are brainstorming ideas for the best vegan desserts to satisfy your cravings.

Best Vegan Desserts: Creamy Puddings and Cheesecake

The reason creamy coconut chia pudding made it onto our list of best vegan desserts is that it is easy to make. Not just that but the addition of berries and agave make it absolutely desserts.

Here is the tasty recipe.

Whenever you are in the mood for a dessert with an Italian twist try preparing this vegan panna cotta topped with pears and pistachios

Learn how to make it.

These no-bake cheesecake bites are on our list of best vegan desserts because they are simply irresistible. Dates and walnuts form the crust while a cashew-coconut cream tops it off.

Learn how to make this easy vegan dessert.

Best Vegan Desserts for Chocoholics: Mousse, Cupcakes and More

For chocoholics, nothing will be better than this creamy vegan chocolate mousse. It is prepared with just five ingredients - dark chocolate, silken tofu, almond milk, cocoa powder and vanilla extract.

Find the recipe right this way.

Who doesn't love a cupcake? There are plenty of vegan recipes out there but we especially like these chocolate cupcakes made with soy milk and topped with a heavenly peanut butter icing.

Here is the awesome vegan dessert recipe.

Vegan white chocolate, coconut oil, lemon zest and cocoa powder are the base of these tempting chocolate truffles. They are easy to make but require some time in the refrigerator to set.

Try the recipe now.

Best Vegan Desserts For Cooling Off

Save this watermelon granita recipe for the next time you want to refresh yourself during a warm day. It is prepared with a touch of rosewater for extra flavor. The best part? It doesn't require an ice cream machine.

Learn how to make it.

If you happen to have some melon around then use it as an excuse to make this stellar sorbet flavored with orange liquor and garnished with fresh lavender. It's refreshing and fun.

Here is the easy recipe.

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