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4 Best Tasting Fish Recipes With A Chef's Touch

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4 Best Tasting Fish Recipes With A Chef's Touch

Are you looking for the best tasting fish to serve at your next dinner party? Then you'll love these delightful seafood recipes with a chef's touch. These elegant dishes bring flavor, creativity and playfulness to the table in ways only a professional cook could offer. Whether you'd like a low-key sea bass, Venetian cod or elaborate sushi, all of these fish recipes are sure to wow your dinner guests.

Amberjack Fish Sushi

Want to get really creative in the kitchen? Try making this spectacular sushi recipe (pictured above) from famous Italian chef Moreno Cedroni. It features amberjack fish, roe deer, candied salsify, cherries and a Jerusalem artichoke sauce.

Mauro Colagreco's Sea Bass

This best tasting fish recipe comes to FDL courtesy of Michelin-starred chef Mauro Colagreco from Mirazur restaurant in France. Sea bass is baked and served with a creamy celeriac puree, tangy sorrel leaves and a smoked clam sauce.

Sea Bream on Hazelnut Crust

Italian chef Carlo Cracco's stunning seafood recipe features half-cooked sea bream on a crisp made from caramelized hazelnuts. It requires just five ingredients and yields amazing results. 

Codfish Mousse

This Venetian classic features a velvety mousse made from soaked cod, milk and peanut oil. The ingredients are whipped to perfection and served with polenta and a drizzle of olive oil at Vecio Fritolin restaurant in Venice.

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