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The Best Steak Cuts According to Anthony Bourdain

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The Best Steak Cuts According to Anthony Bourdain
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Previously, we brought you Anthony Bourdain on the worst mistake people make when cooking steak, but let’s start with the basics shall we – how to choose the best steak cut.

The chef, author and broadcaster’s preference is for the rib cuts, the perfect balance of fat and meat he says, followed by the sirloin, and then the slightly tougher, but flavour-packed parts of the animal, such as chuck and flank.

What’s the most “boring and uninteresting” part of the animal? It’s the tenderloin, according to Bourdain, which is a small, lean piece of meat running along the inside of the loin. It’s a joke in the industry and chefs never order it in a restaurant, he says.

Watch the video from Tech Insider below and further down, watch Bourdain explain the best way to season a steak.

If you’re hungry for more steak-related content, check out this video of chef Magnus Nilsson of Sweden’s two Michelin star Fäviken restaurant cooking five-month aged ribeye.

Is this the best way to cook steak, period?

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