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11 Sous Vide Recipes: from Steak to Egg

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11 Sous Vide Recipes: from Steak to Egg
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Just taken the plunge with a brand new sous vide machine? We’re guessing you went straight to the local butcher to grab a hunk of meat for that perfect sous vide steak - and it's probably what motivated you to get the machine in the first place. Steak is great, but don’t put away that sweet device just yet, because sous vide is also a great way to cook all sorts of meats and vegetables in a way that no other cooking method can.

In case you haven’t heard of it yet, sous vide cooking involves vacuum sealing food and cooking it in a water bath at a consistent low temperature. It guarantees to seal in flavours and gently cooks food that can later be finished off out of the plastic pouch, whether it’s a quick sear on the pan for steak, or off to the oven for a crisp crackling on pork. 

The new sous vide machines available on the market have down-to-the-degree precision and detailed apps that not only give you consistency and control in the kitchen, but lets you recreate restaurant quality dishes a pinch. From tender medium rare steak, out-of-this-world poached eggs, meal-prep salmon, aromatic vegetables, whole poached chicken and smoky pork ribs, you can pretty much sous vide anything with the right recipe.

Here are our favourie sous vide recipes from the trusty team behind ChefSteps, an infographic for sous vide vegetables, followed by some from Michelin-star chefs including Massimo Bottura, Andrea Berton and Gaggan Anand. Check them out. 


The Ultimate Sous Vide Steak Recipe


Sous Vide Flaky Salmon Recipe


Sous Vide Whole Poached Chicken Recipe


Honey Glazed Ham Recipe


Smoky Sous Vide Ribs Recipe


Perfectly Poached Egg: The 75C Egg Recipe


The Ultimate Guide on How to Sous Vide Vegetables

From artichokes, asparagus to pumpkin, get your sides in order with this comprehensive guide to cooking vegetables with your sous vide device. 

FEELING FANCY? Our favourite top chefs Massimo Bottura, Andrea Berton and Gaggan Anand have shared some of their sous vide recipes - get cooking, and make sure you clear your weekend schedule for these.

Massimo Bottura's Sous Vide Foie Gras with Balsamic Heart

Andrea Berton's Sous Vide Italian Lamb Ragu with Braised Artichokes

Andrea Berton's Leg of Lamb, Stuffed with Radicchio and Red Tropea Onions

Gaggan Anand’s Sous Vide Suckling Pig


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