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5 Recipes To Make the Best Margarita Ever

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5 Recipes To Make the Best Margarita Ever

What constitutes the best margarita recipe ever? Well, that would depend on your tastebuds. So we are offering up five unique ways to dish up the best margarita ever.

Whether you are a sucker for the classic margarita on the rocks or are looking for something more colorful and exciting (pomegranate margarita, anyone?) keep these recipes in mind next time you host a Cinco de Mayo party or plan to have the gang over for cocktails.

Ready for the best margarita recipes ever? Let's get started:

Margarita on the Rocks

We begin our journey with the classic margarita on the rocks. The sweet and sour flavor is delicately balanced with a salted rim. Perfection in a glass.

Make the best ever classic margarita recipe.

Pomegranate Margarita

A great way to jazz up a margarita recipe is to add a bit of pomegranate juice and grenadine to the mix. The pop of color is festive and sweet.

Make the best pomegranate margarita recipe ever.

Pineapple Margarita

If you prefer your margaritas on the sweet side you'll love this twist: pineapple juice with lemon, lime, tequila and Cointreau.

Make the best pineapple margarita recipe ever.

Raspberry Margarita Cream

What exactly is a raspberry margarita cream? It is a delicious frozen concoction that is halfway between a drink and dessert. Yummy!

Make the best raspberry margarita cream ever.

Cucumber Margarita

Cucumber adds a refreshing twist to a classic margarita recipe. It brings a hint of freshness that balances beautifully with the notes of lime.

Make the best cucumber margarita recipe ever.

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