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Iconic Regional Foods of Italy

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Iconic Regional Foods of Italy

The food of Italy is vast and varied, and much of the country’s beauty comes from its fine mix of deep-rooted regional dishes. 

A trip through the country quickly reveals just how much the food changes from one city to the next, and a quick look at this food infographic will do the same.

The illustration of Italy, produced by Vinitaly International Academy, looks at some of the best food in Italy by breaking the country down on a map. There’s a specialty dish listed for each region followed by a list of some of the most famous wine varieties that grow there.

If you love Italian food, or you’re just planning a visit to Italy, this is a great way to brush up on some of the iconic foods you must try in the country.

Want to make your own Italian food? Let the Simili Sister show you how to make pasta.  


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