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Peking Duck Done Right - Best Duck Recipe We've Seen

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Peking Duck Done Right - Best Duck Recipe We've Seen

It’s one of the best duck recipes around but have you ever wondered why peking duck is always one of the most expensive items on the menu? It’s actually because the process of making one takes a lot of skill, energy and time.

Peking duck takes days: it’s dried, blown up, poached, smoked, roasted, fried and hung many times. And even though it might take a long time to mak it, we promise that the numerous steps of prep are worth every second.

This video below, produced by ChefSteps, shows you how to make the best peking duck with what is an easy to follow step-by-step guide.

Their video goes through the entire process and it’s interesting to understand the many steps that go into the process of making great peking duck.

This has to be the best duck recipe we’ve seen online, that crispy fat just looks delicious. Just think about the look of wonder your friends will have when you tell them you’re casually making yourself peking duck at home.

Anyone worried about not having an air compressor should watch the second video, showing how that stage can also be done with a bicycle pump, though it’s not as effective.

For the full recipe check out ChefSteps Premium and make sure you check out this other great ChefSteps content on Fine Dining Lovers. 

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