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10 Guides to the Best Cuts of Beef and How to Cook them

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10 Guides to the Best Cuts of Beef and How to Cook them

If you love beef, are you sure you're maximising the potential of the red meat when it comes to purchasing and prepping? Understanding how to select the best cuts of beef will maximise your culinary kudos and choice no end when it comes to cooking time.

The best cuts of beef don't automatically mean sirloin steak. It all depends on your personal preference, cooking method, budget and a number of other factors like ageing and how the beef was reared.

With such a huge choice of cuts and cooking techniques to choose from there really is an option for all budgets and levels of cooking expertise. So here are 10 indispensable guides to giving all the best cuts of beef the love they deserve, whether you're searing steaks or slow cooking shucks, BBQing or cooking kobe beef.

10 Guides to the Best Cuts of Beef and How to Cook them

1.The Ultimate Beef Guide

Get the inside knowldege on your beef from this ultimate guide that'll teach you everything from which vitamins are inside the meat to what to look out for when buying quality cuts and how they should be cooked.

2. Ramsey Teaches Butchers How to Make Steak

Watch Ramsey as he slips into teacher mode and gives some amateur butchers advice on how to perfect that succulent caramelised steak.


3. Where to Buy Steak and How to Cook it

A great starting point to learning more about steaks, from where and how to buy them depending on your budget and how long the cuts should be cooked for. Don't forget to heed the secret tip at the end.


4. 60 Cuts of Beef and How to Cook them

This great infographic is pretty much everything you ever needed to know about beef cuts in one place. Using a pictorial display helps put a 'cut' to a name so next time you're at the butcher's it's easier to identify the cut you're talking about.

5. The Science of Great Steaks

Cooking the perfect steak is more a science than an art, and by arming yourself with some basic scientific know–how into what goes into making a great steak you're more likely to have a greater chance at succeeding. As they say, knowledge is power.

6. The Ultimate Steak Doneness Chart

Learn to cook steak six ways with this handy chart that comes with useful images and a temperature guide, meaning you never need get your doneness wrong again.

7. Underrated Cuts of Beef

While we all love talking about prime steak and the choice cuts, that would be to overlook the more 'underrated cuts' that deserve equal attention and a different cook.

8. Different Cuts of Beef

How many cuts of beef have you tried?  This neat chart documents around 40, including where the cut comes from on the animal, helping you master your brisket from your round.

9. How to Buy Authentic Kobe Beef

When it comes to one of the best cuts of beef around it has to be authentic kobe beef. Learn the qualities to look out for and how to cook your very own steak to experience the king of beef.

10. How to cook a perfect Steak a la Heson Blumenthal

We're all ears when it comes to listening to professionals share their top tips and who better than Heston Blumenthal to share a little steak magic.

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