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10 of the Best Christmas Desserts Ever

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10 of the Best Christmas Desserts Ever
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Want to make the best Christmas desserts ever? Celebrate the holiday season with one or two (or maybe more) of these festive treats. These are the best Christmas desserts from our Recipes section and we are thrilled to be sharing them with you. All are gorgeous to look at but even more delicious to devour. Take your pick among cakes, cookies, puddings and tarts. Enjoy!

1. Cupcake Decorated with Marzipan Gifts (pictured above)

These almond-infused cupcakes are fun and creative - perfect for getting you in the holiday spirit.

2. Green Christmas Pineapple Cake

Fans of the tropics will enjoy this colorful Christmas cake made with pineapple and almonds.

3. Ring Biscuits

Buttery shortbread cookies are molded into rings for a festive touch - they make a great DIY gift.

4. Santa Claus Cupcakes

Santa himself would approve of these adorable cupcakes decorated with sweet fondant icing.

5. Mini Panettone

An Italian classic that goes great with coffee and even better as French toast the morning after.

6. Christmas Pudding

Dried fruit and spices make this classic Christmas pudding from England simply scrumptious.

7. Christmas Fairy Cakes

These pecan-flavored mini cupcakes are perfect for dessert, brunch or even a holiday breakfast.

8. Citrus Tart wtih Blood Oranges

A zesty tart made with organic blood oranges from Sicily - it's the pefect palate cleanser after dinner.

9. Chocolate Panforte 

This classic Tuscan Christmas treat is best enjoyed with Vin Santo, an Italian dessert wine.

10. Christmas Orange 'Pies' 

You'll love these tiny orange tarts filled with dried fruit and nuts and topped with a sweet glaze.

Hungry for more? Take a look at our wonderful and helpful list of Christmas dinner ideas.

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