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Choose Your Good Excuse to Indulge Champagne

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Choose Your Good Excuse to Indulge Champagne
Photo Sean Rogers / Flickr

You don’t always have to come up with fancy ideas to surprise your guests: sometimes a classic will be just fine. Thus spoke French wine-loving blogger Miss GlouGlou, looking for the best drink to celebrate her wedding announcement – while already knowing the answer: champagne. Having said that, wondered Miss GlouGlou, which bottles best suit the occasion?

Perhaps a Devaux cuvee Ultra D, from the Côte des Bar are of Champagne, an area dominated by pinot noir grapes: with very little sugar, she writes, it will “whip you like a rush of sea breeze”. It particularly likes ageing, making it suitable to announce a wedding that crowns a long engagement. The classic Veuve Cliquot rosé, on the other hand, universally loved in France and remindful of wild strawberries, will perfectly complement an engagement party oozing elegance and good taste.

If the creation of a new family is what you feel strongest about, then perhaps a flowery, freshly delicate Tarlant zero brut nature is the best choice, writes Miss GlouGlou: also very low in sugar and “pure like an angel”. Finally, if you want to underline how tradition and faithfulness are the staples of your future family, you may opt for the Champagne des Vignerons: created by a syndicate of over 5,000 producers, it’s your guarantee that the grapes used originate from the vineyards cultivated by the very same winemakers and that the bubbles are produced in the very same Champagne region: which, you may be surprised to know, is not always the case.

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