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Recipes: Best Gourmet Camping Foods

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Recipes: Best Gourmet Camping Foods

Going camping doesn't mean having to subsist on less than fabulous fare. Au contraire, my friend. With these gourmet recipes you'll be able to prepare some of the best camping food around.  Feast on fancy coq au vin, decadent bread pudding and cowboy classics while enjoying the great outdoors. Watch out! These gourmet dishes may just cause some campfire envy. Here's what to make:

6-Ingredient Bread Pudding

You could easily make this yummy bread pudding in a Dutch oven placed over a campfire. For a fancy touch, garnish with fresh berries you foraged in the woods.

Huevos Rancheros

Hungry for a cowboy-worthy breakfast? Fire up the skillet to make these delicious eggs cooked in a spicy Mexican sauce. Serve with warm tortillas, toast or cornbread (recipe featured below).

Coq au Vin

This French classic is one of the best camping foods out there because it can slowly simmer away while you busy yourself with other tasks (such as pitching a tent). A good trick is to marinade the chicken at home and toss it into a cooler before heading outdoors.

Lamb Chops with Grilled Tomatoes

Succulent lamb chops, juicy grilled tomatoes and sautéed spinach make for a pretty fabulous and stress-free dinner in the great outdoors.

Cornbread with Red and Green Chilies

A camp out just isn't the same without comfort food like cornbread (pictured up top). Red and green chilies add a gourmet touch while spicing things up just a bit. Bake it in a covered cast iron pan set over the campfire.

Hungry for more? Feast on these campfire breakfast favorites.

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