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Burger Trends 2014 - What Do People Order the Most?

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Burger Trends 2014 - What Do People Order the Most?

Everyone has their own burger preference, some like cheese, some want their bread toasted, some want a fresh slice of tomato while others prefer ketchup and lettuce.

The combinations really are endless but what comes top? What style of burger do people opt for the most?

These are the questions answered in this infographic from the blog Hamburger Me which has polled a number of readers to find out about peoples’ burger eating habits in London.

The chart looks at how people like their burger cooked, what toppings people prefer, the cheese and of course the meat. There’s also info on which bread people prefer with brioche coming out on top.

Honest Burger comes out as the most popular burger shop in the capital and bacon and lettuce lead the way for leading toppings. If you’re looking to launch a burger on your menu it’s actually a useful piece of info to consider. You may also be interested in this collection of food trends to expect in 2015.


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