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Best Burger Recipes for 4th of July

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Best Burger Recipes for 4th of July

Who are we kidding? No 4th of July bash is ever complete without sizzling burgers on the grill. If you want to be known for preparing the best burgers in town just take a look at the mouthwatering recipes below. Whether you are a meat lover, vegetarian or happy omnivore, these are best burger recipes that will make your Independence Day feast all that more delicious. Here's what to make:

Turkey Burger with Honey Mustard (pictured above)

Turn ground turkey into the ultimate burger with the help of whole-grain mustard, honey and fresh lemon juice. Lettuce, onion and tomato complete the ensemble. 

Turkey Burger with Cranberry Sauce

You already know turkey and cranberry sauce go well together but have it tried it in a burger? It's amazing! Add your choice of herbs and sautéed mushrooms to prepare one of the best turkey burger recipes you've ever tried.

Lamb Pita Burgers

If you like unorthodox burgers add this lamb pita to your 4th of July menu. Small lamb patties are slathered with hummus and packed inside pita bread. A few sprigs of fresh mint ties it all together.

Burger with Blue Cheese

Use the best blue cheese you can afford for this juicy melt-in-your-mouth burger. Sautéed onions and watercress add loads of flavor while balancing the sharpness of the cheese. 

Tokyo Burger

What better way to celebrate the 4th of July than with a bigger than life burger? That's just what you'll get with this Asian-inspired beefy burger topped with creamy avocado, strips of raw beet and watercress.

Veggie Burgers with a Nut Crust

These potato-based veggie burgers will be a hit with vegetarians attending your 4th of July bash. The veggie patties are rolled in ground almonds, hazelnuts and macadamia nuts before being pan fried and served on fresh baguettes. 

Chickpea Burger

Chickpeas are a great base for burgers as their 'meatiness' stands up to heat very well. Mixed with red bell peppers, cumin and carrots, these chickpea burgers are a vegetarian's dream.

Still hungry? Feast your eyes on more scrumptious 4th of July recipes.

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