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This is the Best Burger in America

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This is the Best Burger in America
Photo Instagram/Kevin Alexander/Thrillist

Thrillist has unveiled it's 100 Best Burgers in America list, with a humble family-owned sports bar in Portland, Oregon proving that simplicity is the key to a really great burger. 

The site's National Burger Critic (dream job, or what?) Kevin Alexander spent a year travelling to over 30 different US cities, sampling 330 burgers, with Nick's Cheeseburger with Grilled Onions at Stanich's proving to be one of the best burgers the writer had ever had, he says. "What I had at 11am amongst those construction workers and old-school pennants was otherworldly."

The single ground chuck beef patty is topped with grilled onions finished in a little bacon grease, and American cheese, and placed on top of lettuce and tomato in a toasted sesame bun slathered with mustard, mayo and relish. And that's it.

As Alexander himself point out, too many toppings and condiments on a burger distract you from the burger itself, like these bad idea burgers.

We have to say, it does look pretty incredible. Watch how it's made here.  

This is the kind of burger Anthony Bourdain would definitely approve of. 


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