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The Beginner's Guide to Wine - Infographic

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The Beginner's Guide to Wine - Infographic

If you're at the beginning of a journey of wine discovery then this infographic from Wine Investment is the perfect start.

It sets out to go scratch below the surface of the wine world and offer a beginner's guide that can actually set you on your way to understanding wine and wine tasting on a much deeper level.

From an explanation of Tannins to Terroir the infographic first sets out some of the important terminology and what it's actually referring to.

From there is offers a great color chart on identifying if a wine is light or full, young or old and a full list of what kind of wine glass should be used for different wines.

This really is a great snapshot into the world of wine and will surely have you itching for more knowledge, I guess the only thing left to do once you've read this is open a bottle and test your newly acquired skills.


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