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Beer Infused With Moon Dust, A Giant Leap For Mankind

By FDL on

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Beer Infused With Moon Dust, A Giant Leap For Mankind
Photo Dogfish Head Brewery

If you live with your feet on the ground but your head in the stars, you'll love this new celestial brew infused with moon dust.

Produced by Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware, the 'Celest-jewel-ale' special brew is made with finely crushed particles of actual lunar meteorites, PSFK reports. The brewery collaborated with local company ILC Dover, which creates space suits for NASA, to acquire the coveted rare ingredient.

According to the Dogfish website, the lunar meteorites are smashed into dust, then steeped as a tea and added late in fermentation to a traditional German Oktoberfest beer. The moon dust gives it ''a rich, malty beer a subtle but complex earthiness….well maybe not earthiness."

''For us, brewing a simple homage to the Harvest Moon was not enough, so we took one giant leap for Mankind and added actual Moon Dust from the Moon’s surface to this seemingly regular brew.''

So what does beer infused with moon dust taste like? You'll have to go all the way to Delaware to find out. The brew is available for a limited time only at Dogfish Head's brewpub.

Via PSFK & The Daily Meal

  • iggOne said on

    Do you know the price of one of this beer ?
    I think it's so expensive, isn't it ?

    I read that the Moon Dust have real interest during the manufacturing.
    Do you think it's true ?

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