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8 Cool Beer Hacks You Might Not Know

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8 Cool Beer Hacks You Might Not Know

There’s nothing quite like a nice cold beer, a line repeated over and over again but only because it’s totally true. Grabbing a cold one with friends is a perfect way to relax and the next time you invite your mates over to partake in a few, get ready to surprise them with a few beer hacks from this fun infographic.

Created by Serenata Flowers, this infographic lists 8 cool beer hacks that you may never have heard of before. One suggestion offers up a top tip for making a beer ice cold in a short amount of time and another offers up a cool storage tip, allowing more beers to be kept in the fridge.

We love a good kitchen hack at FDL HQ and these beer hacks are certainly worth adding to the arsenal.

We’re not sure what your friends are going to say if you start using hack number four and mark your bottles with elastic bands, but the rest are good.

There’s also this video that teaches you how to open a bottle of beer in some pretty unconventional ways. Here's 50 bonus kitchen hacks for you. 




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