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24 Facts You Didn't Know About Beer

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24 Facts You Didn't Know About Beer

It seems that beer in all guises is undergoing a resurgence as more and more independent brewers step into the mix and more and more people are choosing to opt for a well brewed ale over wine.

This infographic from Aall in Limo takes a look at beer and offers 24 facts about beer that you probably don’t know.

From the first ever people to brew beer to the first ever recorded case of drunk driving, and how beer has literally led to inventions as important as the plow and irrigation systems.

If you and your friends love to try a new beer every time you go to the bar, this is sure to provide you with some great conversation staters.



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    The most basic of internet searches would have told you that Heiðrún dispensed M-E-A-D, or honey wine, from her udders, not beer. Get your fact straight and stop appropriating things that belong to Mead for beer.

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