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Beer Around The World | Infographic

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Beer Around The World | Infographic

Beer drinking is growing as more and more independent producers offer up artisan brews and people across the world turn to a nice beer in restaurants and bars.

However, beer consumption varies widely across the globe and this infograph from Legal Info 360 offers a look at just how the beer drinking trend differs from country to country.

It looks at drinking ages, the highest and lowest consumption and production rates and just how many beers are consumed around the world each year.

Beer Around The World
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    There seems to be something off with the numbers. Is it coincidence that they repeat?:

    Highest and lowest production - Germany: 95545 HL / Malta: 127 HL

    Highest and lowest consumption - USA: 95545 HL / Italy: 127 HL

    Beers consumed - 15 235 126

    Breweries in the world - 15 235 126

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