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The Beer That's Brewed With Salt

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The Beer That's Brewed With Salt
Photo The Kitchn

Sure, salt enhances the flavor of margaritas. But does it do the same for beer?

In this case, a family of German beers called gose proves that adding salt to the brewing process adds a bit oopmh - and sourness. You won't notice the salt at first but it will make itself present in the beer's finish, which in turn will make you crave more beer to quest your thirst.

The brew, which has been around for centuries, is named for the German village of Goslar and the nearby Gose river. It is made with half barley malt and half wheat malt, which results in a hazy beer with gold tones. Wild yeasts and bacteria are responsible for its tang while coriander lends it a lemony herbal flavor.

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