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Beer Based Cocktails: Recipes and Tips for Beer Lovers

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Beer Based Cocktails: Recipes and Tips for Beer Lovers
Photo Stewart Butterfield / Flickr

Beer is great in its pure state, but all over the world people drink it “contaminated” with everything from champagne to eggs!

Half a glass of lemonade mixed with half a glass of beer: the simple recipe for Panaché, the low-alcohol French mixed drink. To Anglo-Saxons, of course, it’s better known as Shandy. Snakebite, or beer and cider mixed in equal proportions, is also popular in Britain.

There are, however, an infinite variety of beer-based cocktails. The most common, everywhere, is a shot (usually whiskey, vodka, or tequila) when accompanied by a glass of beer. In New York bars, beer is often served with a slug of liquor, while all over the world barmen enjoy coming up with special versions of the most famous cocktails: one in particular, the Beer Bloody Mary, features Tabasco, Worcester Sauce and tomato juice.

Even champagne can be mixed with beer (the Black Velvet features equal measure of Guinness and French bubbly), while for those needing a dose of energy, here’s Beernog: mix sugar, milk and egg yolks into your beer.

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