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How To Become A Better Food Photographer In Five Minutes

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How To Become A Better Food Photographer In Five Minutes
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What's the secret to beautiful food photography? That's a question only a professional could answer. That's why we're pumped about this five-minute video tutorial featuring food photography tips and tricks from celebrated British food blogger Izy Hossack.

Hossack's mouthwatering pictures appear on her popular food blog Top with Cinnamon, which was recently turned into a cookbook. At just 19 years of age (she's been blogging since she was 15), this shutterbug knows more than a thing or two about creating beautiful food photography and she's happy to share her knowledge in this video from Sorted Food.

Hossack breaks down all the basics for you - from lighting and making food look good to ISO, shutter speed and aperture. By the end of the video you'll feel inspired to create beautiful food photography of your own. Take a look:

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