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4 Unique Beach Food Ideas

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4 Unique Beach Food Ideas

Sun, sea, beach umbrella and sun bed facing the sea. Everything perfect, except for the beach bar with its pizza slices that have certainly seen better days. So what about a home-made packed lunch and some brilliant recipes for taking onto the beach? And how should everything be packed and stored to prevent your piece of cheese from melting and forming a single block with its tin foil wrapping?

Here are some ideas for ensuring that your day on the beach is idyllic in every way, food included.

Wholemeal bread roll with grilled courgettes and robiola cream cheese

Wholemeal bread is rich in fibre and easy to digest (so no need to wait an hour before taking another dip). You can grill the courgettes the day before and dress them with a drizzle of oil. They will keep perfectly in the refrigerated cooler bag.

Cold cous cous with vegetables

Say farewell to boring rice salad! An excellent meal to take onto the beach and easy to prepare well in advance is cous cous with vegetables and chickpeas. Check, however, that it is completely cool before putting it into a food storage box.

Here's a useful recipe for you to try.

Salad in a Jar

Do you want to draw looks of admiration on the beach? Be daring and serve a salad in a jar. Quick and easy: first put the salad dressing on the bottom of the (glass) jar and then add the various layers of ingredients. Start from the heaviest and leave the lightest ones on the top, so that they can be mixed easily when it is time for lunch. You will enjoy attractively presented, fresh, tasty vegetables that have not “stewed” in the salad dressing. Eat them directly from the jar to avoid polluting with plastic plates.

Fruit and feta cheese

The pairing of seasonal fruit (honeydew melon, water melon or peaches) with this Greek cheese is exceptional in every sense: tasty and practical. Just two ingredients, already conveniently portioned into small cubes, for mixing when you are ready to eat them, make an original and delicious beach snack.

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