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Beautiful Food Pictures from Milan

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Beautiful Food Pictures from Milan
Photo Victor Bianchi

Every now and again at FDL we're lucky to attend some very special dinners and we're often wowed by some of the beautiful dishes on offer. In the past few months we've been along to two very unique dinners organized by the team at Identita Golose and sponsored by Acqua Panna and S.Pellegrino.

The first was a special four hands dinner held at the one Michelin starred Pont De Ferr restaurant in Milan. A combination of foods and cultures created by chefs Matias Perdomo from Uruguay and Virgilio Martinez from Peru.

During the dinner the dynamic duo wowed guests with a varied menu that showed off the best of both their kitchen principles. Matias taking Italian food and adding his own unique flair and Virgilio bringing ingredients with him from Peru, including purple potatoes and a beautiful ceviche dish made with yellow pepper sauce and the freshest possible fish.

The second dinner involved a rice menu created by the Italian chef Francesco Apreda.

Chefs Matias Perdomo and Virgilio Martinez planning their menu...(all pictures courtesy of Victor Bianchi)

Tropea onion tart blown like glass

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads vitello croccanti con insalata di trevigiana tardiva 

Crispy Veal Sweetbreads with Chicory Salad 

Virgilio Martinez in the kitchen

Fish with Yellow Pepper Sauce

Matias Perdomo and Simon Press planning their next move

Smoking The Lamb

Fish perfectly seared and served with corn

Pasta Fagioli e Foie Gras

Dessert made with typical fruits from Peru

Matias finishes up with his unique lego dessert


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