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A Guide to Balancing Flavour Profiles

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A Guide to Balancing Flavour Profiles

Becoming a good cook is down to many things, like education, technique, flair, practice and a love of ingredients.

But what really starts to distinguish a good cook from a great cook is understanding how to combine and balance the basic flavours of ingredients, turning a good dish into a stand out dish, that's as delicious as it is memorable.

Thanks to Cooksmarts, we've got a great starting point with this really useful guide that clearly lays out a few of the basics in understanding how to create flavour balance and where certain ingredients sit on the flavour spectrum.

The flavour star is a neat starting point with the five basic flavours set out; bitter, sour, sweet, salty and and how they bounce off each other.

The guide goes on to point out and where you can find them. While some options are obvious there are some lesser used ideas, like harnessing spiciness from arugula, umami from mushroom or bacon and bitterness from beer.

Have a look and see how if you've got your flavour balancing nailed. And if you need more help you can always check out this flavour pairing website that will advise you on how to combine the ingredients you have.

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