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8 Essential Baking Terms and Their Meaning

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8 Essential Baking Terms and Their Meaning

Not everyone has a knack for baking and following a recipe in a cookbook isn't always a guarantee that things will turn out great. If you've ever been confused about the term bain-marie or aren't really sure what proofing the dough means then allow us to help you navigate the world of baking a little better. Behold our quick guide to eight essential baking terms and their meaning:

Bain Marie
The French name for a water bath. It requires a smaller vessel sitting in a larger one filled half way with hot water. Essential for the gentle cooking of custards.

To heat sugar or a sugar mixture until it changes in a golden brown color. You'll see this in flan recipes and candy making.

Many cookie and cake recipes call for 'creaming' the butter and sugar but what does that really mean? To beat until smooth, fluffy and fully incorporated.

Crème Chantilly
The French term for whipped cream.

En croute
The French term for baking something wrapped in dough. For instance, Brie wrapped in puff pastry. 

To combine gently, usually refers to incorporating egg whites into a mixture. It is done by bringing the spatula through the center of the mix and back up. Typically called for in mousse recipes.

It means to allow bread or pizza dough to rise. 

Soft peaks 

This term refers to the whipping egg whites until they stand up when the beater is lifted. Beating until stiff peaks means they are very firm and will hold their shape.

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