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Latin Kitchen | Baked Empanadas Recipe

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Latin Kitchen | Baked Empanadas Recipe
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Being Latin, if there is one dish that sends me back home with just one bite it's empanadas. This recipe for baked empanadas has a  beef filling that is similar to what my mother would make for birthday parties. One bite of these stuffed pastries and you'll be in heaven.

Empanadas are similar to British pasties but are usually smaller. They come in many different varieties and every Latin country has its own version, from Mexico to Argentina. Whether savory or sweet, they are a hit at any party and can be filled with anything you'd like.

Empanadas can be made of corn or wheat and they can be fried or baked. It all depends on the recipe. A great accompaniment is a refreshing cold beverage like a gin cocktail with mango and berry juice.


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