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Farmers Grow Bacon-Flavoured Mushrooms

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Farmers Grow Bacon-Flavoured Mushrooms
Photo Sonoran Mushroom Company

Oh, if only vegetables tasted like bacon then we’d eat more. Right? It seems like those prayers have been answered by Arizona farmers who sell bacon-flavoured mushrooms.

The family-owned Sonoran Mushroom Company based in Tucson specialises in growing organic oyster mushrooms they claim taste just like bacon, reports KVOA-TV in Los Angeles.

"We discovered if you fry these up in some olive oil and salt they have a bacon flavour. The texture is much different than a typical portobello. It is more like meat or bacon," John Jacobs, the patriarch of the mushroom company explained to Fine Dining Lovers.

Sonoran Mushroom Company

Where To Get Bacon Mushrooms

Jacobs said the bacon mushrooms have been well received by the public and sell at local farmers' markets for $4.99 per 1.5-ounce box.

So how do these bacon mushrooms grow in the Sonoran dessert?

"We grow them in an indoor facility so we can grow them year round," Jacobs said, explaining that this practice allows the family to control the environment, humidity and temperature.

The bacon mushrooms are all-natural, vegan and do not contain any flavouring or colouring. They are best enjoyed sautéd, according to Jacobs.

The Sonoran Mushroom Company also grows a variety of gourmet mushrooms, all of which can be seen on their website.

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