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Sizzling Freshness with Bacon Mouthwash

By FDL on

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Sizzling Freshness with Bacon Mouthwash

Just when you thought it was safe to leave the house without your bacon barrier shield, safe in the knowledge that in fact Kale was the next big food...bam! Bacon strikes again.

In what has to be the down right craziest bacon product released to date, remembering that so far we've have a list containing bacon soap, bacon jello, bacon mayonnaise - aka Baconaise - and let's not forget fortune telling bacon.

We know what you're thinking, how can you possibly get crazier than fortune telling bacon? Well what about bacon mouthwash?

Yes, the thing we reach for to freshen our breath, help keep our teeth strong and healthy and the thing we most definitely expect to come with some form of minty freshness has now been given a bacon makeover.  

The people behind Scope Bacon Mouthwash claim it is no joke and apparently the product tastes just like real bacon while still managing to kill off any germs within the mouth. It's hard to tell exactly how serious the product is but when you've worn yourself a bacon scalf, anything bacony seems possible.

At least this video advert seems to suggest it may all be one pork based prank...we do hope so.

Here's more bacon madness on the FDL site.

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